TWINZEN, is a contraction of TWINZ and ZEN.

The founders of this brand are in fact twins,
Benjamin and Maxime, the TWINZ … and ZEN… because they want to be.

The ZEN aspect is actually addressed to our clients, in search of softness, quality,

and reliability from our range of home linens and associated service.

Your purchasing experience should be just as cocooning as your bathrobe.

Benjamin et Maxime are not alone

They rely on creative and complementary minds.

And what a team!

We have the ability to discern market trends, meet our clients expectations,
and adapt to each of their whims and styles to offer the best products at the best prices.

This is how we’ve been able to develop such modern and timeless products and collections.

About us

BMS International

Suite 204, Chemin Vingt Pieds

Grand Bay – Mauritius

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Phone: (+33) 1 71 025 321